Scramble - USA Grapping Spats

  • $59.99

Scramble's "Star Spangled" Spats are a tribute to what is arguably Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's 2nd home, the USA. From coast to coast there are Brazilians spreading the Gentle Art, and young American stars like Keenan, JT Torres, and Rafael Lovato are brewing up their own mixture of submissions and sweeps. These Scramble tights use fully sublimated graphics to display crystal clear graphics that will never fade or peel. They've got an athletic compression cut, providing support to your muscles and protection for your skin.

The waistband is improved from previous models, utilizing a wide jacquard design with a covered upper edge so the elastic core won't bother your skin.

  • Athletic compression fit
  • Blended stretch fabric
  • Excellent range of motion
  • Improved waistband with elastic jacquard
  • Detailed graphic sublimation

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