Meerkatsu - "Fire Rooster" Grappling Tights

  • $59.99

Inspired by a traditional folk story of two young martial artists who would train their art every time the rooster would crow. No matter the hour and no matter the weather, the rooster's crow would get them sparring and perfecting their craft. UK-based artist Meerkatsu has designed his "Fire Rooster" grappling spats around this tale with his original and unique illustrations.

All graphics are fully sublimated into the durable stretch fabric, ensuring bright and sharp detail that will last through repeated wear and wash. An intelligently constructed 8-panel design provides uniform compression that is consistent from the hips and rear down to the calves. The moisture-wicking poly/elastane blend is pliable and comfortable, complemented by the graphic-printed soft jacquard waistband.

  • Stretchy sweat-wicking material
  • Elastic waistband
  • Sublimated graphics
  • 8-panel construction for an ideal fit
  • Provides comfortable muscle compression and warmth

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