Lucky Gi Cubs Gi White

  • $199.99

Been a Cubs fans foreva!!  As long as I can remember. So when the Cubs WON IT finally.  I wanted to make a cool gi to rock. So this new Bamboo Blend Lucky Gi is based off the World Series Winning Chicago Cubs in honor of all the fans. 
  • 550 Bamboo Blend Micro Pearl Weave - So basically when you wear it you will feel like you are in a luxurious bathrobe, not some heavy straitjacket.
  • UVA Foam Collar - Super Light Weight, Flexible for wrapping your opponent up but thick width keeps makes it hard to for you to be choked.
  • Competition Style Pants - Tough so when you move you won't have to second guess whether or not your pants will shrivel or come loose. Sport-fitted cut with triple
  • Sport-Fitted Cut - No more of the baggy, extra material that just makes it easier for your opponent to grab on to you. Slip away and break grips easy.
  • Triple Gusset Crotch - Confident Open Guard play like you are in the finals of the Worlds... You'll have an overwhelming sense of calmness, coolness, confident, and collected-ness like never before !

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