Lucky Gi Cali Edition Gi

  • $269.99

Lucky Gi Cail Edition BJJ Gi

These are the softest cotton BJJ gis in the world.  Our new mirco blend pearl weave has a softed brushed inside linner that is unbleivealbely soft. 

- 550 Gram Brushed Micro Pearl Weave Blended Top

- Heavy Weight UVA Foam Collar
- 12oz Bull Denim Pants
- 12oz Oval Knee Pads
- Pre Shrunk High Quality Cotton
- Embroider & Woven Tag Logos
- Inside Brushed Lining 
- 2 Draw Strings (Nylon Cord and Cotton Cloth)
- Travel Gi Bag
Theses gis are made of 100% preshrunk cotton.  
Lucky Gi 1 year warranty. 

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