Clinch Gear - Women's Black Compression Shorts

  • $29.99

The Capri Spats offer an alternative to the standard full-length spats, cutting off just below the knee. The simple black design may be deceiving, as the construction of the spats themselves are quite intricate. Clinch Gear worked on these spats until they got the perfect cut for female grapplers, resulting in adequate compression without restricting mobility. Using a panel construction, the spats provide a form-fitting comfort with a breathable 88/12 nylon/lycra tricot blend.

To prevent the spats from slipping down below the undergarment line, Clinch Gear developed a waistband setup that simply yet ingeniously solives the problem by gradually rising up. To stabilize both the waist and the bottom openings while you spar, an interior silicone grip lining is in place... hardly noticeable to the touch, but very effective in keeping the fabric in place.

Snug compression fit. Check out the sizing recommendations below:

S = Size 2-4
M = Size 4-6
L = Size 8-10
XL = Size 10-12

  • 88% nylon, 12% lycra fabric
  • Slim design waistband
  • Silicone grip lining at the waist and cuffs
  • Form-fitting panel construction

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